Why you need a Donkey


Your donkey will be your most loyal friend.

When you're sad, your donkey will comfort you; when you are happy your donkey will laugh with you, when you are mad, your donkey will ignore you.

Donkeys are natural anti-depressants

Your donkey completely understands how to rise above derogatory remarks and false accusations.  If you listen carefully your donkey show you how not to feed into the disappointing illusions of the world.

Donkeys will keep you fit and trim

Donkeys love to go on walks and runs with their owners.  When you are not playing with your donkey you will be busy cleaning the barn, trimming the hooves.

Donkeys will make you relax

Don't let them fool you, they can read your mind.  If you are in a rush, because you are late or upset and need the donkey to go some place, it won't. It will refuse to go until you mentally go "on donkey time" .

Donkeys make you laugh

Donkeys are very emotional and express this through their facial expressions and gestures.  I still laugh when a young jenny had a jealousy hissy fit.  She fell in love with a young cowboy.  When he paid attention to her best friend she did all she could to get back his attention; she brayed, reared up, then finally played dead (like he was really killing her).

Donkeys prevent you from spending lots of money on excessive vacations

When your donkey becomes your best friend, you will want bring him along on vacations; however, most resorts and cruises don't allow donkeys to accompany their owner.